Please read before playing. It takes 2 minutes :)

Grab a friend, and duel to the death!


Shoot at your opponent and dodge stray bullets. Beware: bullets can bounce back!

When moving on ground, you charge up. At max charge, you can create a shadow that stores your position in that particular time frame. You can then rewind (blink) to that position at any time, which eats the shadow and resets your charge.

Key Bindings

Note: You can customise key bindings in the Options menu.

Player 1:

  • WASD - Move
  • E - Shoot
  • SPACE - Create shadow / rewind

Player 2:

  • IJKL - Move
  • O - Shoot
  • SHIFT - Create shadow / rewind

Have fun!

– LiteTJ, Developer

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[Background, bushes, flowers]
[by Bayat Games]

[Heart, bolt, YouTube icons]
[by FontAwesome]


[by David Jonathan Ross]

[Glittering Shores]
[by OcularNebula]


[Bullet shot]
[by bolkmar]

[by FoolBoyMedia]

Development log


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Cool game man, the rewind mechanic is very well done. Overall good job :)

Thanks! I hope it makes an impact on the gameplay.

Cutesy 2P shooter. Unfortunately I am forever alone and dont have friends. lmao

I think it would be fun for two people to play locally. Might also want to work controller integration into it. rather than 2P on one keyboard. 

might want to start the bullets back a little, if you make green and pink kiss, the bullets just go right passed them. 

Also, "My Channel" button didnt work. 

Overall, I like it. I think it would be great if I had friends. (take that as you please. :p) 

I'll get to the key bindings but I need to reprogram the class to be static so it is saved within all scenes.

I did try to move the gun back a bit, but it looks visually unappealing so I will continue to tweak it.

I'll fix the button before the Jam ends. I see it doesn't work when the project is embedded.

Thanks for the feedback! I'll follow you.