• Arrow keys to move
  • Avoid red spikes + enemies
  • Avoid bullets shot by enemies
  • Spring pads make you jump higher
  • Get to the door -> next level

Have fun!

More Information

Infiltrate is an upcoming 2D scrolling platformer developed in Unity3D.

This is a preview of the full game which is still in development. It contains 3 levels.

The game can also be installed on OS X.



I hope you have fun! Any feedback is appreciated.

Install instructions

Mac OS X:

Extract the ZIP file. If you receive a pop-up when opening the application (unidentified developer), right-click app -> click 'Open'


Infiltrate v0.1 28 MB


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Game is cute. I like the art and the gameplay.But there are a few problems

1) The music stop after a while(have it when the music finishes start it again)

2) There are no sound effects(Add some jumping and shooting effects)

Some things you can add are, looping music, sound effects, and better animations(the spring bouncing the player or something like that)

Over all, I liked the game. it was fun. these are just some problems i had with it. Take care.

If you want you can check out some of my games if you want.there pretty bad.

Or adding powerups to defeat enemies.

Thanks for the feedback.

1) That's my bad, I thought it loops.

2) I'll look into that for the next update

I'll check out yours when I have time :)

I tried to download Dungeon Runner for OS X, but I got an error saying 'The application cannot be opened'.