Ten Minutes of Existence is a puzzle / adventure / maze game built using Unity3D for the GameDev.tv Community Jam – May 2020:


The game can be installed on Mac OS X or Windows.

The Making of Ten Minutes of Existence


The Game

You are a creature that wanders in the underwater world. You have only 10 minutes to live, and you must collect 5 gems to unlock a gate, which uncovers a passage leading to your final destination. Good luck!

Please check the TUTORIAL in the game, otherwise you'd have no idea what you're doing :)

Oh, by the way, you can press SPACE to pause.

Walkthrough: (spoilers!)


Install instructions


App versions (v1.0) are outdated. Latest version is v1.2.

Mac OS X:

Extract the ZIP file. If you receive a pop-up when opening the application (unidentified developer), right-click app -> click 'Open'


Extract the ZIP file. Open the file named 'Ten Minutes of Existence.exe'. Depending on your device settings, you may need to use an administrator account, due to protection issues. (Since I am an unregistered developer)


TMoE_Mac_OSX_v1.0.zip 36 MB
TMoE_Windows_v1.0.zip 35 MB

Development log

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